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She normally sleeps and naps, hoping to sooner or later erase her tsukibito existence. The put exactly where she sleeps is the base for the enormous tree encompassing her.

N Association Associates - mischievous youngsters in town who can see tsukibito. They are quickly recognizable with the multi zipper hoodies they put on.

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Aki no Tsubone - the third Tsukimono Nushi in Kagura Town that is the only real one amongst them who identifies alone as a female. She resides inside the shrine carved in to the previous, large tree while in the third district of town.

Traditionally, an uchi-deshi was commonly chosen and groomed to be the subsequent head of a college of martial arts each time a direct member of the family wasn't readily available. Nowadays, the term is used synonymously being an apprenticeship. Relevant terms[edit]

If the protagonist is traveling through the city, she explores Just about every location one by one. These locations are indicated as green places in the course of the map check out of the city. Each and every spot offers an individual render over the touch screen for the particular region.

Feb 10, 2010 #1 I used to be browsing throughout the requests thread before(*gasp* translators truly examine that?) and also the put up about Tsukibito definitely caught my eye. I messed close to with it a tiny bit and it gave the impression to be a pretty exciting recreation. As I am by now hectic focusing on two other projects, I haven't got time for this just one, but I believed I'd personally test my programming competencies a bit and toss togeather a translation utility.

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Warai Nodotsubo - gourd-shaped becoming who follows People with nervous giggles or people that snicker a good deal. It enjoys to build smiles and laughter, although its own encounter is sadly incapable of performing exactly the same.

Saki - Kyoko's ally and classmate who is named a cheery and really Female at college. Apprehensive for Kyoko, she defends her from remaining bullied. Saki has the mysterious power to erase somebody's Recollections but she tries to keep her abilities hidden.


Hardly ever relenting from its position being a protector, it may only be present in decide on areas of your city. It is powerful ample to retain a sound shape constantly, and it may even be felt by those who are unable to see tsukibito.

Kokoro Utsurushi - Kyoko's mute tsukibito Mate who has been subsequent her due to the fact the beginning of the game.

Yotteke - a godsend to failing and worn down enterprises, this tsukibito likes to go to vacant suppliers and make them immediately bustle with rows of customers. It does this generally mainly because it likes to fill in vacant destinations and with the oblique many thanks it receives from business people.

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